Monday, October 3, 2016

My name is Mark, and this is another attempt...

I wish I were perfect and could say I apply my knowledge into daily practice. I'm tired of being overweight, literally. I feel like I need to blog my conditions so I don't forget where I came from. My feet always hurt when walking and especially after getting up from sitting down or laying. My face feels pressure when laying down from all of my fat moving upward and pressing against me. My lower back is in pain. I can barely bend over without the feeling of my heart skipping a beat or losing my breathe. All I want to do it lay down and sleep. I have sleep apnea which prevents me from getting good sleep. I can't shop for clothes in regular retail stores any more. I can't fit in rides at theme parks. I'm much more attractive when I weighed 200 pounds, even with the loose skin. Maintaining this weight is esentially giving up on life.

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  1. I wrote this months ago but never posted it.