Saturday, November 27, 2010

A 6th sense

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Hope your dinner was amazing! Mine was! :o))   <-hence the double chin smile!

For some reason the following has been on my mind lately... I'm not sure if I think it's a 6th sense or just a human innate ability within all of us. When our body is telling us how we feel, our mind can override that signal we're receiving. Whether we feel tired, anxious, depressed, happy, I think we are able to snap ourselves out of all of these feelings by ignoring our body and letting the power of our mind take over. Don't think so?
Well it's hard for me to prove but I can remember an old news story about a mother whose child got ran over by someone pulling out of a parking spot, and was then stuck under the car. The mother was so petrified (as one would expect) she gained the strength to pull the car up while someone else pulled away her child from underneath.
I believe when the opportunity calls for action we realize we can do more than what we originally thought we could... I believe this ability is innate and we can utilize it enough in our everyday lives to help change how we currently live. Super strength will only occur from a huge adrenaline boost (which requires a major event, such as the mother's child getting ran over); but I think we can utilize this ability of sudden change in our body's chemistry, with practice. So if you're tired and need to get something done try it. Simply jump out of your seat and do what you need to do as quickly as you possibly can. Have no thought of your tiredness from before and keep forcing yourself to move! Apply this to any feeling you may have!

Perhaps this just sounds strange but all I know is that I can do this, not sure if everyone can?