Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who am I?

What creates me, what creates you? Our choices. I may have spoke about this in a recent blog, if not it was something I've been thinking of and realize now that I was right. We own nothing in the world. Everything we hold dear will turn to dust, think of that. The things we fight and kill over will turn to dust. The thing that defines us here and after will be our choices. As I've spoken about before, our lives are like a huge maze that we are navigating while on this earth. Eventually our choices will be all we have left and judged upon.

In the midst of the Boston bombings and the fertilizer explosion in Texas there's been an evil lurking in the shadows. There is currently a trial being held for Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor that murdered at least 14 babies that were born alive. I believe the life begins at conception but according to the law he can only be guilty of the murders he performs while the babies were outside the womb, breathing. Abortion is a deeper kind of evil, more so than terrorism. America has evolved into a society where some of us cheer on the choice of allowing mothers to kill their unborn (and sometimes born) babies. The law even allows these hanis acts which allows people like Kermit to perform the murders.

I'm not here to talk about abortion, I'm here to speak of the pure evilness that is woven in the fabric of America. Good loving people are defined as being accepting of abortion, homosexual marriage, acceptance of a deceitful religion named Islam. Just a few things that go very strongly against God, most of what America wants us to accept and embrace. You may be too blinded by these people to realize that based on these decisions we are corrupting a once Godly nation. These choices are not pleasing to God and I wonder, if God realizes this nation is becoming corrupt and no longer wants Him in our lives, why would he change the course of the choices we've made? He is a loving God, but if we despise Him and turn to Satan that's a choice we've made. I struggle with sin but I pray that God still knows my heart.

Sometimes I wonder, do I know God enough? Have I read His word enough? Am I part of a religion that will get me into Heaven? The answer to those questions is, No. I will never know God enough, I will never study His word enough and a religion won't save you, if anything it may just corrupt you. So what do we do then? Well we seek God. We read His word and understand it as well as we can, we attend church to listen to views of His word and to socialize with other's about His word. When we have this information a relationship begins to form with God. We don't live blindly by what a religion says, we live by God whom lives within us. Once we have this strong relationship with God and with rational thought of what God wants for us we can then see through the mess of this world. We can see the deceit put in front of us by satan, we will realize that God is loving yet strong. God gave us freedom of choice since he loves us so much. He didn't create robots to serve Him, He created us with the loving ability to make, CHOICES.