Monday, September 6, 2010

A Material Obsession

I feel horrible to say this but, I went and visited with my Grandmother. Whats horrible about that you ask? The fact that I use the word visited. Visited in the sense of not having seen her within 2 months. I can remember being younger and never missing a day without seeing her or my Grandfather. I feel horrible that I go for visits now. I don't visit her because it's something right to do though, I go there because I love my Grandparents. I question myself though, why don't I go and spend more time just being there, around them? My only answer is I'm too busy doing other things here, at home, in front of the computer... usually just ending up wasting the whole night. It's like sometimes I'll just be on Youtube and watch video after video, or on Facebook and end up looking at profiles of people I don't even know. It's really just me being lazy and wasting time, like someone sitting in front of the T.V.

So anyway I believe that this problem I have of wasting my time when I could be doing more valuable things with my time, is a case of being obsessed with material things of this world. My Grandmother has bad macular degeneration and it makes me feel horrible knowing on how badly she wants to see. She wants to see her new Great Grandchildren that are right in front of her, but can't. She wants to see who is knocking on her door, she wants to see her grandson when he enters and is standing 3 feet away from her. It makes me sad that someone so kind and willing to give you anything she has, possessions or her time, must suffer with basically being blind.

She makes me realize on how precious life is and how it can't be taken for granted. She makes me realize that I shouldn't be wasting my time doing foolish things when I could be with someone I love enjoying their company and making new memories. Life won't last forever and you only get one chance at it. Is being obsessed with material things of this world and working all your life how you really want to spend your life? A gift every human is instilled with at birth is the power of being able to change someone's life. It kills me to think I could miss any opportunities. When we're not on this Earth nothing we worked for of have stored away will come with us, NOTHING. I'm not even 100% sure if we'll take our memories with us when we die (Which I pray to God we do) One thing we do leave behind though is the memories others have of us. I think we should realize this and start to make the best of these times we have. I guess because of this is also why I have been so busy capturing old family videos and photos. Once we (here on Earth) lose the memories we don't have anything.