Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Temple Grandin

I just viewed the T.V. movie Temple Grandin based on the autistic genius, Temple Grandin. It was an amazing movie because it shows us that we may be different from what we consider to be the norm, and it's not always a bad thing. Temple was herself and for many people this is just not something we come to terms with. For myself it would be my weight and the way I think I look. I will always judge myself and think I'm lower than everyone else because of it. For Temple she was autistic and did not have the capability to think of herself as below anyone else. She simply came to terms that she was autistic and grasped this condition and made the best of it. Sure she may not have acted what we consider normal but it was her. It didn't matter what other people thought, she was the only person that mattered to herself, that's exactly how we must think. We have to put ourselves first in everything we do, even if someone thinks we're strange or not "normal" because of it.

God created everyone on this Earth perfectly, all of God's creations are perfect. Only God is perfect and everything he does. Now we may not live perfectly and think of ourselves perfectly, and we never will be perfect because we are not God. As a person that wishes to have eternal salvation I believe it's our duty to strive to be perfect. We will never be perfect and I'm not saying perfectionism is the way into Heaven but trying to live a perfect life as Christ is all we can do, and is all He expects us to do.

People may laugh at us, call us names, think we're something they walk over and wipe their feet on but you know what? They're wrong. They're the ones who will realize too late of what they've missed throughout their life, they've lied to themselves of who they were. They could never embrace their selves therefore will never embrace others. If you're different, it's ok. In fact I commend you for being different because in essence you're yourself, which is already one step ahead of a lot of others in this world. Never change who you are to try and fit into other people's fake reality. Temple Grandin refused to accept failure and only did what she believed was right, even if it was to redesign a cattle slaughter house (I know random but that's why it's great). If I can accomplish what an autistic person (which we deem as someone with a disability) has done, I'll feel satisfied with my life.

Temple questioned about death in the movie, where do they go, where do their memories go? Besides any religious aspect of this question I think Temple was referring to a more physical approach on, what's left on Earth of them? Whats left on Earth of someone after they pass, there's only the memories we posses of them and anything else that they have accomplished which would make them known. I think having lived a successful life not only leaves memories in our family's hearts but in the hearts of people all around this world. Money doesn't require us reaching this goal, what requires us reaching it is ourselves. Will we do what we believe is right, will we go against the current and do something out of the ordinary?