Friday, June 15, 2012

Where Beauty Exists

Man, has it been a while! Hope life is treating you well!

For the past few days I've had something on mind, tonight I saw a video on Youtube about David Elmore Smith which forced me here, writing to you now. For too long I've always thought of myself as an ugly person. I'm too fat to have a relationship, I've been cursed with terrible genetics and there's no part of myself that's worth another person's time.
I thought I needed the ideal BMI of under 20 and a washboard six pack. I thought I needed a more distinct jaw line, I thought I needed surgery to correct a lazy eye lid... The list of things I thought I needed just isn't rational any longer. I look back in my life and see the people I care deeply about and the ones who've brought the most joy in my life and guess what, they aren't going to be America's next top model!
I still have to learn to be comfortable in my own body, as time passes though I'm starting to realize it a lot more. It's wonderful to be in perfect physical shape but you also can't let it be the only thing you work for in your life.
I believe there is only 1 thing in life that can bring you true happiness and that is having your own family. It's not how many millions you have stored away in the bank or how big your home is or what type of car you drive. The only happiness that will persevere in this life is having your own family. Loved ones by your side, relationships with DEEP ROOTS and blossoming foliage that represents your love.
My generation and younger are too focused on our looks. The meaning of love has been distorted, the foundations of marriage, corrupted. We seek the temporary satisfaction of sex and so many of our peers only agree that this is how we're supposed to be living our lives. Get married before sex, buy a home, start a family!? That's just old fashioned BS, we live in a modern civilization now where if it makes you feel good, it must be right! Yet so many more of our children are being raised in broken households, we're more dependent on psychological drugs than ever before and 1 out of every 3 people in America are obese. You're only fooling yourself by thinking you're popular and everyone wants to hang out with you because you get all the ladies, or you drive the nice car. Perhaps in your youth this is ok, but too many adults in their 40-50s are living this way! When are people going to grow up and not only start acting responsible but realize they've wasted their lives up until this point! What has money, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends (or friends with benefits) brought you in life? Can you think back to these experiences and feel satisfaction to sustain you for a lifetime?

I'm writing this for myself. Wherever you are in life learn to love yourself at all times. No matter who turns their back on you if you love yourself other's will only naturally love you. You've heard the term "Beauty is only skin deep" well if you're judging by external appearances than yes, you're correct. Goodness begins at the core and shines through the skin. Yet some are so blinded they'll never see...

So as mentioned earlier, I ultimately posted this after watching a video of David Elmore Smith. He weighed 650, and I believe lost 400 pounds. Well he has put on more weight (I've been through this and gained more than when I started losing it, 328 was my max). I remember watching the 650 pound virgin on TLC and how at the end of his weight loss he attempted to meet a woman. I remember how hard is was for him and I remember feeling anxiety while watching him. I know Chris Powell has been a great friend to David and I'm sure has only intended and wanted the best for David but I don't believe the weight loss was done correctly. I believe that before a significant amount of weight should be lost, mental health should be assessed and be strengthened. I only mention this because I've been through hard times as well and believe I can relate to it.

David made a comment in one of his videos of how even though he weighs in at 500+ he's still training a friend in his apartment complex. David, if you can show someone how to workout correctly, you may just be the best trainer they've ever had. I wanted a trainer that showed how much they really cared for me, expressed that they wanted to see me get healthier. David has an advantage over the other trainers and over his friend Chris Powell because David has been through it ALL. Most trainers do not realize the MENTAL battle over food. The depression obese people feel, the want to just give up on life. By experiencing this David you can offer a deeper foundation of support than any trainer ever will. I believe you have the ability to change lives more now, than ever before. You've done the TV show diets and quickly shed all the weight yet it didn't work, why? You know this answer and you know the fix. You know now that a quick loss isn't the answer, you know a person that is severely obese needs to do more than just working out and eating right, they need to evaluate their life, something else needs to be addressed.

I wish I lived closer to David Elmore Smith because I would hire him as my trainer in a heart beat! I truly believe David can and will make a difference in many people's lives and he'll find his while in the process. I'm not sure if you think the same as I do David but my advice to you would be stop comparing yourself to others and realize that they must compare themselves to you!