Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Creating A Restore Point

A plan B, another option we can fall back on if other ventures don't pan out. Applicable not only on our Windows operating system (if you're not into IT you probably didn't consider that) but in our life. I'm sure we all have realized this before and have contingency plans set up to secure us. I ask tonight though, besides creating restore points, why not create "destination points" you may be thinking, those are called goals! Not necessarily a goal... A "destination point" is more vital in our life than just a goal. It's a point we have no other option than needing to arrive at. Perhaps create imaginary "destination points" in our life by analyzing our current track and avoid the path we don't wish to be on at all costs.

I suppose this makes more sense in my head as it probably does for you... but it's basically not doing something to reach a goal instead of only thinking of what we have to do to reach a goal. I want to reach my goal of 250 by Christmas, I know I am not going to eat that piece of cake and I know I am not going to feel tired after work to only go home and veg on the sofa!

What if I could look a month into the future and realize that the squeaking sound coming from my front driver's side wheel was an issue that would cause my tire to fall off while driving on a major highway, causing me to be killed. Sounds silly, and it's only a theory but who's to say it won't happen? That squeaking will inevitably lead to an issue if not resolved, so who knows what the issue will be? If I was certain that the accident would happen I would be doing everything right now in my power to make sure it never got that bad. That determination of doing whatever it takes to divert a situation is what I am thinking of calling a "destination point" doing anything in your power to prevent an inevitable situation in your life.

Perhaps some people just don't realize they're current destination points on their life, while others can see them clearly? They are undoubtedly there and yet it's not motivating them to divert the situation? Does this mean they've given up on life?

P.S. Been a while since I've blogged! I have been wanting to write about a few things but usually just change my mind at the last minute... Hope all is well!