Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Evil in the Last Days

2nd Timothy 3:1But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good,…

I know it's been a while since I posted but I've missed the blog and this scripture stood out to me today... 

I would like to talk about specific occurrences in my life but can't due to this being public, however I will talk about my thoughts of the outcome of the situations. Sometimes evilness will present it's self in a professional, respectable manner. It can come across as someone making statements they believe in and with the ability to make you feel ignorant for not considering or believing these supposed facts that are just second nature to the person. I have the feeling that this happens a lot to people but they don't consider the source of the manipulation. The Devil specializes in distorting the truth and hoping you'll accept the wrong beliefs of someone else just because you think they're respectable. 

In a world that stresses having an "open mind", some have been backed into a corner of accepting liberal agendas. If you believe in traditional values or morals you're considered screwed up in the head or narrow minded. This ultimately is a form of the Devil's work that's being pushed all over the world and so many followers are falling for it. If this world doesn't accept you for what you believe in than I feel that it's safe to say that you're doing something right!

Think of a timeline of eternal life, ETERNAL LIFE and put the measly time of our lives on it. Depending on your view point you won't even be able to make it out. I'm thinking about that because if our life here is a test of our position in the afterlife we really should take a step back and view how we spend our time. Are we lovers of money? Are we boastful and enjoy bragging to those who may be less fortunate? Do we respect others, do we offer a loving attitude to everyone? I think my worst sin is being a lover of self. If I could only stop being so focused on myself so many problems in my life (ones I create) would simply vanish. 

I'm not perfect and I know it's wrong to judge people but I'm surprised sometimes when I see people of Faith, religious leaders, being boastful or some even mocking the Lord (Holy Spirit more specifically). So many people that believe they're Christians, going to heaven are going to have such a rude awakening one day... I'm not sure what's worse, to knowingly being a sinner or to ignorantly be a Christian? The sinner may eventually seek guidance whereas the ignorant Christian thinks they're already doing God's will.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where am I

How did I get here? The better question, where am I going? Here I am stranded in this god forsaken vessel, lost at sea. At some point I was made blind to many things... I'm able to see the beginnings of a shore but it just seems galaxies away. I worry that I'll never make it, I once was able to escape into my dreams but now I'm starting to convert them as well.
If only I could topple this invisible blockade and break these non-existent chains, perhaps then I would see that everything I need to reach the shore was already with me, inside this vessel.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Burden of Deja-Vu

You walk out of the room and into a busy highway, stuck by a semi, your life has ended. You made the choice of walking into traffic which ended your life. We can agree that our choices have a direct effect on our life. Perhaps you live your life alone yet three years ago you could have altered the current reality? Perhaps three years ago you got married and had a child. Right now your child could be standing next to you, their hand on yours ,wanting you to play. Instead you're here alone, your wife, child, that life, doesn't exist in this reality. Imagine you could go back 3 years and make a choice that would effect other choices into making your pseudo-family a reality. If we could look back into our history and pluck and exchange our choice for one we wish we made, these people would literally appear right before us. This isn't just wishful thinking, God has the ability to rewrite our history and our future yet he leaves the decisions up to us.
What if the reason you're feeling down for some unknown reason is because you can feel the effects of these possible life-altering choices? Something else that's interesting if that everything in our life is shaped by our choices, even if we have evil people around us that are doing everything in their power to condemn us, make us feel worthless, like we're just not good enough, they still don't control our life. They may be able to create situations where we have to make choices but that's what you should realize, is that we still have our choices to decide. No one can actually control us or make our life worse, we choose everything that happens to us.

So don't do what makes you feel happy, do what makes you feel encouraged. When we operate on feelings of happiness we may come to find out that we were wrong in expecting something to make us happy. If you live your life by things that encourage you, you can feel assured that your choice was influenced by something you really thought was going to make your life better or for something you thought was right. It won't always be easy but I believe you'll feel happy making tough decisions.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Matthew Mcconaughey's Academy Award speech

This has topic has been on my mind and I want to write about it now after Matthew Mcconaughey's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards for best actor. I'm seeing a lot of posts on Facebook from Conservative and Christian people surprised on how much Matthew mentions and thanks God. I guess some Christians are happy to see him speak so openly about God at the Academy Awards in front of so many God-less people.
Normally I would also praise him for something like this but I can't... I don't know what Mcconaughey's personal life is like or his relationship with the Lord but how can someone be in the movies he's starred in like, Magic Mike and thank God for his direction in their life? Mcconaughey mentions and I'm paraphrasing, the opportunities in my life were created by no other than God, no human hand was responsible for his success. Mcconaughey unfortunately has this wrong. I realize the movies he's starred in are just that, movies and don't necessarily reflect his personal life but how can I person of God play in a movie about being a male stripper? As Christian's, our objective on this earth is to be like Jesus and to spread his word. I have yet to see a movie that Mcconaughey starred in which praised Jesus.
Isn't mentioning God on national television and believing He played a role in our success throughout life, a good thing? No, people that have seen these movies that worship the human body and they will relate these images to someone who is now praising God. I know we may all have a past we're not proud of but as far as I can tell, Mcconaughey pays no thought to the content of movies he stars in. In my opinion this does a disservice to God, to me this says, do anything you please in life, God is all loving! God is all loving and forgiving but as it's written, we will be disciplined for our actions.

Now I remember why this has been on my mind... A friend on Facebook believes that homosexuality is acceptable by God and having a homosexual pastor over a congregation is wonderful since the pastor must have such an "open mind". This kind of logic is created by satan and to claim to be a Christian and influence other's to believe such a thing, basically boils down to worshiping satan. Satan is the only one whom benefits from this spreading of untruth. The reason's on why I think it's not good for Mcconaughey to speak about God can also be applied here.

We all have the freedom of making our own decisions and what we believe in. There's been a few instances recently where I have expressed my opinion and the other party has expressed their's. The way some people can explain and describe particular topics may make you feel that the person has much more experience in the field or have done much more research than you, in other words, they can possibly make you feel uncertain or question what you believe. My Godly beliefs are very strong, people may irritate me by their comments but my honor to God will never be moved. I said all that to say this, don't give up on what you believe in! No matter how much people will make you think you're wrong or hateful there could come a time when they realize they've been wrong. In my experience most people will keep quite when they realize they're in the wrong or brush it off as like it was actually beyond their control and they can't be responsible for what they once believed was correct. I'm the type of person that will be the first one to call myself out on something I'm wrong on, that's part of being a humble person and also part of growing. If you can accept that you're wrong and change your beliefs and thank the person that shed light on the topic than you're a very rare person indeed, one that will have a much more pleasant time going through life. These recent events of me witnessing someone being so blatantly wrong is an eye opener. It tells me to stand for what I believe in because on a day like Judgement day you don't want to be standing before the Lord trying to brush off all your choices like they were something you had no control over! That sinking feeling in your gut in front of our Lord must be dire but I think of how the Lord must feel knowing that instant you realize you've been wrong, YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED BY THE WORLD! God tried to make us aware of how satan can deceive us but we just brushed it off... Just as Christians want to plant a seed of God's word in hopes that it will blossom into a relationship with the Lord, satan works the same way by planting a seed in us with a movie, song, picture which satan hopes will blossom into temptation. In reference to my previous post (which I still haven't had time to write more about) satan will do anything no matter how big or how small to throw that perfect frequency off, once it's off the frequency requires our conscience thought and work to re-balance. If we're not continually checking the frequency to ensure it's balanced it only becomes harder to correct.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Perfect Frequency

I was going to write about this last night but decided not to since I just thought it was going to be another typical depressing blog about my struggle with weight. I didn't plan to continue giving this thought but it was in my mind again and it seems to make more sense now...

If you're a believer in our Creator I think you'll agree that God created human beings in His image. Now the rest that I have to say, you may not agree with but this is what I feel. I don't believe people born with disabilities or other physical ailments have happened by a mistake of nature. I believe that God puts us all into our bodies to see how our soul will react and adapt to our environment. Even people with mental disabilities who can't make choices for themselves may not benefit in the same way as those who are average but they may impact someone else's life beyond what they know.

Although our bodies may not be perfect I think God created a perfect soul. What I've been thinking about I can only describe as a frequency. It's a system or state of our being that we're not aware of. I wouldn't classify it as our conscience or even sub-conscience but a system that gets effected by our conscience along with many other variables. I feel like it's the process that runs behind the sub-conscience, it's what generates the thoughts of action for our sub and conscience thoughts. When I think of our sub-conscience I think of the process that keeps us alive. It's our instincts, it's the thought process that controls our bodies when we're not quick enough to make decisions, it's how we really think and feel when we're not aware of something. A sub-conscience is something we can't specifically control but at the same time doesn't necessarily mean we can't shape it. How do we shape something that we can't even control? That's where my idea of a "Frequency" comes in...

I believe that God has given us all a perfect operational frequency, a source of power that generates who we are. This frequency cannot be directly tempted by satan, (remember what I'm talking about has no source of information it's simply what I am feeling). When we are tempted by sin it's always from an external source. Like in the Garden of Eden, satan came to Eve (in I believe the form of a snake?) to temp Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit. Satan didn't generate internally in Eve and posses her to eat of the fruit, he came to her externally. Eve made a decision with her conscience to eat the forbidden fruit. God did not create Eve with the intention of having her accept sin, He created her perfectly, although God didn't create humans in a prideful manner to only serve Him, no He created humans with the ability to accept or reject Him. He created something that has a mind of it's own. Think about that... Humans can only dream about creating artificial intelligence and in 2014 it still hasn't happened. To create artificial intelligence you must be willing to accept that everything you create may backfire on you and even hate you for creating it. Yet humans will continue to strive to create artificial intelligence because it interests us, even if we don't entirely know the risks.

What God did though was create an intelligence but also provided this process behind the scenes of the intelligence that is part of Him. Regardless of the conscience decisions we make this process running behind the scenes will continue to remain perfect, exactly as He created it. Although this process is perfect that doesn't mean it can't be modified or have an extension that isn't as the original intended. The way we modify this process is by what we allow into our conscience and willingly make decisions about. Any effect to our perfect frequency can be directly attributed to what we allowed through our conscience. Imagine a long and tall wall, lined and stacked with doors. The thing that lies behind these doors is the frequency God created, what allows things into this frequency is what we allow to pass through to our conscience.

Now you may think that this sounds pretty philosophical and impossible to actually control but I think it's not. Although this decision within our conscience of keeping doors sealed or open to manipulate our "perfect frequency" seems out of reach, it's not. You see, although these decisions to allow information to pass deep within the mind and into your perfect frequency (which will ultimately modify your conscience) are not processed by the mind. Yeah that's what I said, the way to control your mind and thoughts isn't by controlling your mind and thoughts. As an example, I deal with temptation of sin in my mind almost 24/7 it seems. My mind thinks of things I hate to admit I think of. My mind will sometimes lie to me and make me believe in things that simply aren't true. With all this corruption in my mind how can I simultaneously be writing about how I think God is loving and created us in His image? How can I get thoughts such as these I'm writing if sin consumes my mind? I suggest the answer is, these thoughts are from my "perfect frequency". If my "perfect frequency" could be accessed directly by my conscience or sub-conscience it would immediately be attacked until destroyed.

Manipulating our "perfect frequency" (a process some will say does not exist), can only be done physically. It's not even something you have to choose to believe in or not, you're modifying it right now! I believe the way our perfect frequency is modified is through sensory information. The things we see, hear, speak, touch, eat, do or have done to us. Our physical bodies ingest this into our prefect frequency and in turn our perfect frequency influences our sub and conscience thoughts.

I will continue this at another time but for now some examples of what I'm talking about:

Dieting and fighting weight: Perhaps the problem isn't your love of pastries and other fatty foods, maybe the only way you were shown love and happiness in your life was by eating good foods? Perhaps this distorted your frequency into operating in a state that has your sub-conscience show love and happiness through food? For argument sake, we'll say this is your situation and you even know it's true but you can't change it! Why? You need to reset your perfect frequency back to it's original state!

I could go on with some really good examples but it's getting late, now that I have typed this out I am excited to see it all and am more excited to share a method of exploring your feelings. A method I have read and learned about from someone else who has successfully modified their "perfect frequency" although they call it "their power". What I wrote tonight does sound similar to something I've read before but their version was different and geared toward a specific area. In this post, I'm suggesting that this perfect frequency affects every aspect of your life. I'm excited to talk more and learn about this! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Dreams

I think this song describes the human nature pretty well. Some people want to use you others just want to be used. We travel the seven seas looking for something, never to find it...

I've been traveling for a while now, still haven't found it. Guess my problem is I don't know what I'm looking for. I'm kind of mad because I planned to have lost some weight by now but I haven't, well I'm pretty sure I haven't. I know my diet and sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy and it just feels like I can't get myself out of it! It sucks... I don't know what my problem is but I need to snap out of it. I know I should be happy but I'm not. :o/