Monday, March 3, 2014

Matthew Mcconaughey's Academy Award speech

This has topic has been on my mind and I want to write about it now after Matthew Mcconaughey's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards for best actor. I'm seeing a lot of posts on Facebook from Conservative and Christian people surprised on how much Matthew mentions and thanks God. I guess some Christians are happy to see him speak so openly about God at the Academy Awards in front of so many God-less people.
Normally I would also praise him for something like this but I can't... I don't know what Mcconaughey's personal life is like or his relationship with the Lord but how can someone be in the movies he's starred in like, Magic Mike and thank God for his direction in their life? Mcconaughey mentions and I'm paraphrasing, the opportunities in my life were created by no other than God, no human hand was responsible for his success. Mcconaughey unfortunately has this wrong. I realize the movies he's starred in are just that, movies and don't necessarily reflect his personal life but how can I person of God play in a movie about being a male stripper? As Christian's, our objective on this earth is to be like Jesus and to spread his word. I have yet to see a movie that Mcconaughey starred in which praised Jesus.
Isn't mentioning God on national television and believing He played a role in our success throughout life, a good thing? No, people that have seen these movies that worship the human body and they will relate these images to someone who is now praising God. I know we may all have a past we're not proud of but as far as I can tell, Mcconaughey pays no thought to the content of movies he stars in. In my opinion this does a disservice to God, to me this says, do anything you please in life, God is all loving! God is all loving and forgiving but as it's written, we will be disciplined for our actions.

Now I remember why this has been on my mind... A friend on Facebook believes that homosexuality is acceptable by God and having a homosexual pastor over a congregation is wonderful since the pastor must have such an "open mind". This kind of logic is created by satan and to claim to be a Christian and influence other's to believe such a thing, basically boils down to worshiping satan. Satan is the only one whom benefits from this spreading of untruth. The reason's on why I think it's not good for Mcconaughey to speak about God can also be applied here.

We all have the freedom of making our own decisions and what we believe in. There's been a few instances recently where I have expressed my opinion and the other party has expressed their's. The way some people can explain and describe particular topics may make you feel that the person has much more experience in the field or have done much more research than you, in other words, they can possibly make you feel uncertain or question what you believe. My Godly beliefs are very strong, people may irritate me by their comments but my honor to God will never be moved. I said all that to say this, don't give up on what you believe in! No matter how much people will make you think you're wrong or hateful there could come a time when they realize they've been wrong. In my experience most people will keep quite when they realize they're in the wrong or brush it off as like it was actually beyond their control and they can't be responsible for what they once believed was correct. I'm the type of person that will be the first one to call myself out on something I'm wrong on, that's part of being a humble person and also part of growing. If you can accept that you're wrong and change your beliefs and thank the person that shed light on the topic than you're a very rare person indeed, one that will have a much more pleasant time going through life. These recent events of me witnessing someone being so blatantly wrong is an eye opener. It tells me to stand for what I believe in because on a day like Judgement day you don't want to be standing before the Lord trying to brush off all your choices like they were something you had no control over! That sinking feeling in your gut in front of our Lord must be dire but I think of how the Lord must feel knowing that instant you realize you've been wrong, YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED BY THE WORLD! God tried to make us aware of how satan can deceive us but we just brushed it off... Just as Christians want to plant a seed of God's word in hopes that it will blossom into a relationship with the Lord, satan works the same way by planting a seed in us with a movie, song, picture which satan hopes will blossom into temptation. In reference to my previous post (which I still haven't had time to write more about) satan will do anything no matter how big or how small to throw that perfect frequency off, once it's off the frequency requires our conscience thought and work to re-balance. If we're not continually checking the frequency to ensure it's balanced it only becomes harder to correct.