Monday, July 11, 2011

Quantum physics in a non scientific explanation.

Is this even possible, idk. I probably don't even know what I'm talking about but I just watched Source Code and called what was going to happen before the half of the movie was over! This might contain spoilers so be aware!

In the movie some government agency is experimenting with a new technology that lets this person in a vegetable state (but with some brain matter functioning) connect to the last 8 minutes of a person's conscience right before they die. The agency thought this connection was only their vegetable agent connecting to their last energy before death and seeing their conscience for the last 8 minutes of their life. 

What I called was that the agent would eventually come to find that this was not an energy but an alternate reality. The changes he was making were effecting different realities. I predicted that he would resolve the issue before the person dies and that he would return back to the agency and they wouldn't even know what he was talking about when he reported that he solved the situation that killed people, and I was mostly right! Instead of returning he died in one reality but he made contact with the woman working for the government agency and told her what would happen in her future and that the bomb was diverted due to their new technology. They didn't realize that they actually saved lives and that the technology worked.

I was reading some articles online about quantum physics and let me tell you, I understand pretty much nothing! Although the theory of parallel universes has always been unsettling to me, watching this movie had me think of a blog I've written previously. Before I get back into that though read what I found in this article:
     "Our concepts of cause and effect will fly out the window," says Ben Bova, the science fiction author. "People will -- for various reasons -- try to fix the past or escape into the future. But we may never notice these effects, if the universe actually diverges. Maybe somebody already has invented a time machine and our history is being constantly altered, but we don’t notice the kinks in our path through time." 

-End of quote

Perhaps you right now have just traveled from or to an alternate universe and don't even realize it. Perhaps you made a bad decision and decided to travel back into time (alternate universe) to try and resolve the mistake you made. Only thing is, you don't know the mistake you made. You don't know the mistake because we cannot communicate with our alternate self in a parallel universe all we can do is switch from one universe to the other and hope we correct our mistake.

Suppose I walk down the road and try crossing the busy highway and get hit and killed by a vehicle. I would have been gone from this universe. Perhaps I continue to sit here and type this blog and decide not to walk across the busy highway, would this be my alternate universe? Perhaps when the car hit and killed me, my body flew across the road and caused another accident that killed another innocent life. Could I still sit here and type this blog and at the same time give a call to the innocent person that was about to have my body fall on their windshield in the alternate universe to warn them and maybe save their life? That's what happened in Source Code, he warned of a train accident and prevented it from happening. Luckily the person he told helped prevent this accident, understood this theory and therefore knew it was truth.

So I wonder to myself... perhaps quantum physics isn't something we're going to solve or understand and perhaps we're not supposed to. Perhaps what some call quantum physics and it's alternate universes, are actually just our every day decisions? We will never be able to communicate with our alternate decisions because we didn't make them in this universe. You were brought to the universe you're in right now by your decisions, perhaps every second that passes we're traveling from one to another. What if all of us have this infinite amount of universes that we will all travel through but once we leave it, it's gone. Perhaps there is no "time" and only our souls travel through universe to universe quicker than we can realize. In my blog,  "God and His wind-up toy..." I refer to this subject (not knowing at the time that it would relate to quantum physics) as a labyrinth, mazes or paths we choose.

God knows the universe we'll end in.
God gave us the ability to choose.
God sent us on this journey so we could be accountable at the end.
God doesn't predestine us for hell.
God wants souls that are for Him, I don't know the reason but there always is one with Him.

I'm telling you this because my heart is telling me it's rational, it all makes sense and this is what our life is about.

Remember in my blog (I thought I was wacko after reading it) about seeing yourself in a mirror reflection for an infinite amount of times? They can all by the same image and you can even predict the outcome of any movement in all of them! You could also shatter the first mirror and do something drastic that alters inner images that went on for an infinity. This shattering is called making a choice to alter your path.