Sunday, April 3, 2011

The BIG Continuation Of Gluttony

This isn't an official term for what I'm thinking of writing but it is a term that seems to make sense for what a family's generation after generation experience.

I have never been a history buff, I barely had to study History while I was in Home school. I honestly never cared for History, History is the past and why should we live in the past, right? Well perhaps this is just common sense but I never thought of the importance of knowing our history after I watched Gone With The Wind. Yeah I have been watching some old movies lately... I have to say though, the movies expose you to such a different time era. An era that seems so ancient to us but was only 100 or so years ago.

I talked about in my previous blog on how we all seem so preoccupied with something in our life and end up missing out on whats important. For some it's working all the time, for some it's simply not caring about life. What I never knew though, is just how much my ancestor's wanted to live a good life. They wanted to be free, they wanted to never go hungry, they wanted a big happy family. The only way they could obtain this is through blood and sweat. It's not like that now, now this is just automatically assumed to be one of an American's rights. We no longer have to pour our sweat and blood to have a family, to put food on the table, the two main staples of having a fulfilled like. We can live off the government, become obese, and collect unemployment for our disability! I wonder what our ancestor's from 100-130 years ago would think about this type of life? They would probably have their minds blown!

Our ancestor's wanted their children to have a better life than they did. Therefore they just about killed themselves on trying to obtain a better life. Generation after generation we don't know of this life someone had to live to get us where we are today! It's because of their work that we can now sit in our house (or government assist facility) 24/7 if we please. Their strive to live is what gave them LIFE! We no longer have to strive so what are we living for!?

Most Americans aren't living to make a better life for their children, they're just living to get to the next day. There's no long term thought in our choices, because we're comfortable knowing that whatever we do we'll still see another day. If we had the motivation to work because if not we would literally die, we could obtain just about anything we could dream of because this modern America offer's that possibility. What our ancestor's have set out to achieve has been met, and none of us even care or realize it. We take it for granted, something our ancestor's never would have seen coming.

I'm not saying to start taking on more hours at work or to only live to work, we don't have to do that to be wealthy. If we use our mind and are wise about our investments and are professional and brave to accept new challenges we will be successful and still be able to have a life of our own, not of a corporation's. If we choose to accept a minimum job and just get by paying end's meet then that's what our life will be. A life of continued debt, a job we hate and a family we'll never really get to know. Our lives will be worse than the lives our ancestor's that were a living hell. I think our ancestor's lived full quality lives even if they didn't realize it. The quality our most of our lives now is very questionable if you ask me. We all can "live like kings" if we accept a life long debt.

I think about this and I think of a glutton. A person whom just keeps eating and eating becoming so fat they can't even move. The poor thing doesn't even know what to do because they've never had to work for anything in their life. No one taught them that a fulfilling life isn't going to be one they love all the time.

I am very interested when it comes to technology but technology is another aspect of our lives that's killing us before our very own eyes. Imagine life 140 years ago. No way of instant communication. We had to write letters, send telegraphs or travel a distance to see anyone. Now we can talk to a person on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. We could send them pictures, videos, letters, in a matter of minutes, using the Internet. We're information gluttons and it's not even something we choose to participate in. I think this makes us more prone to not speaking to people as much because we do not sincerely miss them, how could we when we can see and talk to them at anytime we choose?

I'm thinking about the reason on why I'm writing this and I'm wondering... I am more knowledgeable than the average person on technology. I'm not saying I'm a genius but if anyone has access to data/information or any other benefit of using the Internet, it would be me. I could hack my cell phone to share a hotspot connection with my router. I could then share that connection with all the computers and telephones for world wide calling in my home. I could use that connection to download movies currently at theaters, I could download and watch any TV show or movie ever created. I could download any game for any game console ever made. I can get programs worth thousands of dollars that professionals use in Hollywood movies. All with a 25 dollar a month cell phone that's not intended to do any more than talk to someone locally and maybe browse a webpage or send a text message. There's so many other things I could do but my point is, if anyone has to have a cheap way to communicate with the world, I'd know or could learn how to obtain it.
I'm saying this because technology is corrupting human contact and natural experiences that we're meant to have with other people. All this technology some times gets me excited but at the same time I toss it to the side and am beginning to not be impressed with any thing. Some people wait in lines for a week to get the new Apple device. I don't even know on what these people do with their 800 dollar Ipads. Do they sit in their recliner next to their computer and laptop viewing that same webpages they could view 2 feet from them? Do they go to public hotspots and transfer personal information over an unencrypted network and realize what they're doing? Technology will continue to advance but I don't see a need for the average consumer to keep up with new technology any more. We can't get information any faster than instantaneously.
Here I've said all this while anxiously waiting for Virgin Mobile to activate my new Android cell phone, lol. It's ok to enjoy the benefits of technology but with EVERYTHING in life, you have to do it in moderation. If and when I have kids they will not be spoiled with technology. There will be one computer in the house in the main living area and they'll be allowed a phone when they reach a certain age of when I deem it as necessary out of their own safety.

You know of what I said I know for some people this will not apply, especially with my generation. in two more generations from now though technology will be necessary to live even more than it is now. I wonder if people will even have relationships or real world experiences very often without technology assisting them. I think for the poor this will even be more so true. If people can't work they'll be at home all their lives with no motivation to even go outside. Their food will continue coming from the government, access to the Internet will be completely free by then for any devices. Their life and stimulations will be sustained by the Internet. I find it scary because I predict that in a future generation it will come true. Imagine people only living until they're 40, well we'll probably have technology to replace organs at that time too. We'll literally be living on technology... I'm glad I'm living when I'm living, I hope this blog will remind people of what their life shouldn't be!

Work til Death...

I was thinking... Ever since our ancestors migrated to America, we have had the mentality that working hard will bring us success. America is the land of opportunity and you will become successful with hard work, but I have to wonder, how much work is it worth to try becoming successful?

Is it worth being a selfish person only looking out for yourself?
Is it worth spending no time with your family?
Is it worth waking up day after day and dreading what's to come for the day?
Is it worth working yourself so hard you think that perhaps dying will be you're one and only time of peace?

There needs to be a balance of work and time for life. I know some people from the Philippines and they don't have a lot of worldy possessions but they do have a lot of friends and family. They value the natural things in life, laughing, loving, family, friends, natural no trill foods, they seem to live below their means. Now this isn't only Philippine people that live this way, there's many cultures and ethnicities that value the more "natural", "free" things of life and not so concentrated at being rich with money. I remember reading that the Japanese have a psychology of everyone working together as a team rather than against each other. They help one another, even if their strangers they still respect everyone and willing to help. Their mentality is actually why car makers like Toyota and Honda have such great reputations over there and here. Their employees value their work like it was their own company. I feel that Americans are more likely to stab someone in the back to get a promotion if required. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone but I think anyone who is too obsessed with being successful may become corrupted in it.

What made me think of this is watching the movie, Cool Hand Luke. I normally don't mind a depressing movie if it had a good story, but this movie was only about someone unwilling to conform to the way of working and living to work trying to become successful. Now I commend him for thinking this way, thinking of expecting something more from his life other than working for all of it. What I also got from it was a glimpse into someone else's way of thinking. They said it was one of their favorite movies and this is why I was writing this blog. I was wondering on why someone would consider this their favorite movie. Perhaps they related to this movie which is why they liked it so much. I mean think of your favorite movie, surely there is something you can relate to it about. I think this old "American Dream" is a sickness we've gotten in our minds, it's something that had repercussions we weren't aware of. If we don't learn from our mistakes and get some sort of balance in our life, we're going to live a life we regret. The only part of our life we're going to enjoy is our death. That's a horrible way to spend your time here on earth and not how our time on earth was supposed to be spent.