Thursday, February 23, 2017

I see your tears

Just something I was thinking about... after my grandfather passed away my grandmother with dementia couldn't understand where he went. She would ask us where he was and someone would tell her that he passed away and was in heaven but she just couldn't accept that he had passed away. She kept asking and it made me upset... She looked at me, saw my tears and I saw this expression of sorrow come over her. She stopped asking when that happened. I wonder if it was because she saw me upset or if she came to the realization that he was gone.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm doing it!

Well I'm finally doing it again! I've started my journey on weightloss again. I Googled for a personal trainer and found one in Hudson close to home but rather than personal training sessions I'm working out with a group of people trying to lose 100 pounds in 6 months! Not too sure if I'll succeed with losing 100 pounds but I'm going to try my hardest! The most difficult part for me you was trying to stop the Cravings of sugar. I still have days that aren't too great but I just have to focus on not letting those snowball into something worse. What's been helping me a lot is going to a local restaurant that serves fresh healthy food at a decent price. One of the most difficult things with  losing weight is preparing your food and making sure you have the right choices in place. I've lost about 15 pounds so far and right now I am maintaining my weight but I'm trying to not focus on that number so strongly. I think what's happening is I'm gaining muscle and burning fat at the same time so my weight isn't fluctuating too much. I can definitely notice a difference in my clothing, pants button easier and shirts seeing a little looser. I can definitely tell I've gained more strength and some of the issues like heart palpitations aren't happening as much. I'm sure also being on my CPAP has definitely supported my progress, sleep is very important when trying to lose weight. Whenever I've dated in the past I've always thought of a particular goal in the future like being skinny and being able to wear normal clothing or maybe feeling more confident in myself but lately I've been thinking about and goals and it's kind of depressing not really having goals. I don't know I guess this whole process just affects my mentality, I think about my grandparents a lot still and how much they meant to me and not and having them, think about what else I should go on for. I'm doing this for myself though and although I may not know what the future will bring I do know that if I'm going to live it I'd rather live it more healthy and at a bodyweight where I'm able to move rather than feeling like a fat blob. So hopefully my next blog will be a little more positive and hopefully I'll wait a little bit less!