Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Predict the Future, Realize the Future...

I'm really tired and should be asleep but I have to mention this... Imagine if there was no such thing as time. If there wasn't time, would there be a future? What if our subconscience made maps of possible paths our choices will lead to. What if we have an ability that no one could prove scientifically to visualize all of these maps and determine how our future will be, what if we could predict our future?

I assume I'll wake up tomorrow and be in a rush since I stayed up and typed this crazy blog. I'll try to throw a lunch together and hope to leave exactly 15 minutes before i need to be to work. I'll walk in the front office and do the usual stuff day after day. This is what my life has primarily been for the past 6 years, predictable. Do you think I'm foreseeing my future? Think of where you were yesterday, at whatever the current time may be. Concentrate on yourself and imagine you transferring everything that happened today to yourself from yesterday. When i do this I see multiple reflections of myself from other days. The same reflection as I see today. If we put ourselves back in our shoes from yesterday we're in our future right now, we can recall everything that's going to happen today because it already has happened. Imagine yourself again 1 year from now, and all the mirrors you see of yourself, what has changed? I think we can grab a mirror of ourselves and place it in tomorrow's slot. We don't have to wait years for an eventual change, change can happen tomorrow. We can control of future and we can tell our future self on how to act and react to issues.

Our future isn't based on time, it's based on our past and what we've experienced. Where has our past lead our route for the future.