Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Burden of Deja-Vu

You walk out of the room and into a busy highway, stuck by a semi, your life has ended. You made the choice of walking into traffic which ended your life. We can agree that our choices have a direct effect on our life. Perhaps you live your life alone yet three years ago you could have altered the current reality? Perhaps three years ago you got married and had a child. Right now your child could be standing next to you, their hand on yours ,wanting you to play. Instead you're here alone, your wife, child, that life, doesn't exist in this reality. Imagine you could go back 3 years and make a choice that would effect other choices into making your pseudo-family a reality. If we could look back into our history and pluck and exchange our choice for one we wish we made, these people would literally appear right before us. This isn't just wishful thinking, God has the ability to rewrite our history and our future yet he leaves the decisions up to us.
What if the reason you're feeling down for some unknown reason is because you can feel the effects of these possible life-altering choices? Something else that's interesting if that everything in our life is shaped by our choices, even if we have evil people around us that are doing everything in their power to condemn us, make us feel worthless, like we're just not good enough, they still don't control our life. They may be able to create situations where we have to make choices but that's what you should realize, is that we still have our choices to decide. No one can actually control us or make our life worse, we choose everything that happens to us.

So don't do what makes you feel happy, do what makes you feel encouraged. When we operate on feelings of happiness we may come to find out that we were wrong in expecting something to make us happy. If you live your life by things that encourage you, you can feel assured that your choice was influenced by something you really thought was going to make your life better or for something you thought was right. It won't always be easy but I believe you'll feel happy making tough decisions.