Friday, August 13, 2010

This is Reality...

Making ends meet, working to pay the bills, paying the bills to keep on working... what's the point!? Home schooled through Middle and High school, missing the chance of meeting friend's I'd have for a lifetime, the chance at practicing my social skills. Do I blame my parents, they did what they thought was best. Was it best? I can't say that it was. I have very little self confidence and have been diagnosed with severe social anxiety. I've told only a few people close to me and they were flabbergasted, I guess I hide it well, sometimes... Obviously I have many more issues and problems going on in my life but for this post that's as personal as I'll get, onto my thoughts of others in the world (a.k.a Advice I should accept for myself):

Someone once told me, or perhaps I read it somewhere... That every issue you're dealing and struggling with, has been encountered by someone else in this world that has overcome the obstacle. That piece of information alone should give you hope, it does for me at least. To know that no matter how hard something seems, you can get through it! Life can become really depressing for people and especially for those whom don't have many positive influences around them. Their negative thoughts just keep stacking on top of one another! Although this may be controversial to some, I was reading a news group where people talked about suicide and how they plan on attempting it. Before anyone gets worried I was only reading it out of curiosity, I am not suicidal! To read how people just attempted suicide (and failed) hours ago and then people responding on what they thought went wrong and how they should go about the process next time, really saddens me... I know how life can get. I know how lonely life can be, not because you're just bad at making friends but because you're literally afraid to speak to new people. So many of us have different problems and I think many people would be shocked if they found out how many others around them actually experience the same demons!

I just want to tell those out there, never give up! I know life may look empty up ahead but one thing I believe every one of us must live by, is that we haven't a slightest clue of what tomorrow could bring! Tomorrow might bring that perfect job we've been waiting for or that perfect soul mate we've been fishing for. To give up caring is a sure destined way to get absolutely nothing out of life. If you're still living, you have the ability to create the world ahead of you!

"We judge ourselves by our thoughts, we judge others by their actions"

Hello World!

So welcome (myself) and you to my new blog on Blogspot, my name's Captain Obvious! Just kidding... My names' Mark and that's all you really need to know. Well that and how my username came to be I guess... My Uncle and Grandfather came up with the nickname Markel and I added the Mp3 for a technological touch... I, just like everyone else in this world, have my own ideas and opinions and I would like to share them with complete strangers (and maybe friends and family?)!!! I may also use this blog as a dream diary for my own benefit and also to let you into my sub-conscience! Prepare for a roller coaster of a ride into the deep abyss of Mp3Markel!

No longer will I write blogs on MySpace to only delete them after typing, this is a collection of my thoughts for anyone who pleases to read them! I plan to be truthful in this blog so I prefer if you'd like to talk about things, to speak only within this blog. Also keep what you read in this blog, in this blog! HAHA like that will happen... Now on to my first official post of the stuff that's been on my mind...