Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Infinite Flaw Within Humanity

Within love you can find hate, within hate you can find love.
Within faith you can find doubt, within doubt you can find faith.
Within honesty you can find lies, within lies you can find honesty.
Within hope you can find despair, within despair you can find hope.
Within integrity you can find deceit, within deceit you can find integrity.
Within wholesomeness is corruption, within corruption is wholesomeness.

No one is purely good and no one is purely evil, nothing is always correct while nothing is always wrong. I'm scared to think of how a person can live their life in fear of doing wrong when wrong may be what they need to do. A person can live according to God's word and at the end of their life curse Him and go to Hell. A person can curse Him all their life than accept Him just before their life ends and go to Heaven. This is what I've lived with and it doesn't sound correct. Could our Creator really cast those who did some work for Him into a lake of fire for eternity? Will we be judged by our choices or by our hearts?

The human nature is defined by uncertainty, it makes us weary, uncertain and question yet at the same time gives us strength to continue on, to find what tomorrow will bring. Happiness will never be attained, happiness can switch to sorrow in a blink of an eye. If we realize this uncertainty and accept the pain can we overcome the need to be happy? Once we embrace death will we finally be able to live?

I can't continue you live on the fence to lose in the end.