Monday, October 3, 2016

Life Goals

I usually discourage myself from writing when I'm feeling down but perhaps it good to so i can see a different side of my thought pattern... I'm contemplating the reason of my life. What am I living for, what do i want to accomplish with the rest of my time here on earth? I found an article titled, "How to set a goal when you don't know what you want" that's exactly how I feel right now. Even if we attain our dreams I believe there still comes a point where you feel, ok now what? Like you'll never be satisfied with anything. Part of that article listed goal ideas such as, becoming closer to your partner, working a job you love, owning your dream home, getting to a healthy weight... the list goes on, full of typical goals people wish for. I feel like I want something more, something about us humans. The human instinct of attaining these typical goals just isn't there for me, I don't know what I want out of this life! Nothing sounds exciting to work toward. I think what I'll have to settle for are just the typical things of life. I really need to plan more activities, sitting around the house on weekends is a major waste of time... Let's think of a list of things I'd enjoy...

  • Camping with family (do when it's cooler)
  • Swimming in a river or water park (do now during summer)
  • Visit Anclote island
  • Relax near a waterfall
  • Try to see family in Ohio more
  • This one should probably be #1, find a girlfriend, maybe start my own family? I think ultimately this will lead to the most fulfilling life. Sometimes I wonder if I would make a good boyfriend/husband, a good Father. I'm a loving person but there's a side of me that's also unloving and can easily lose interest. I don't know...
  • Create special experiences, what do I mean by this you ask? Well as a child I used to looooove Christmas time and going to my Grandmother's to see all of the animated Christmas figurines, munching on cookies, buckeyes, peanut butter fudge! Last Christmas when I lost 2 grandparents and while my Grandmother was pretty out of it, I just didn't feel the Christmas spirit. I didn't decorate or put up a Christmas tree, it was depressing. I need to realize that I should do this for not only myself but for others as well to spread the Christmas spirit, to create memories.
  • Print photographs of fun memories. I have a wall just waiting to be decorated with memories, get to printing them!!

Things I've accomplished:

  • Own a home that will be paid off in less than 12 years
  • Captured family video and created Blu-rays from both sides of my family. Although I wonder if either have actually sat down to watch any of it...
  • Have a job I love! I do admit there are times it's not so loving but as of right now I love the people I work with and I love the feeling of finishing a project, knowing I made something better for others.

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