Friday, June 24, 2011


As we age we gain experience and knowledge. These pieces of information are what form us. Some of us miss typical experiences and other just experience a completely different culture. Not one of us are the same, not one of us think the same or look the same. We may share opinions but not in every area of our thought.

Uhhh, the stuff that's making me feel depressed right now are things I cannot talk about and it sux... I have no one to talk to and the people that want to listen I don't want them to hear.... what to do!

I want to believe that obtaining my goals will make me happy but I'm wondering if they actually will. What I want feels like it would only come true in a dream, not because I feel like it won't be reached but because I feel horror if it actually came true. Twisted isn't it? Well that's what I'm dealing with... a twisted mess. I need to realign the pieces to create a reality that works, not just one I may want.

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