Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 - Another Year Gone

I used this as my title for the post on 1/1/2013 but think I meant to put 2012.

Well I accomplished 1 thing from my list of 2013 goals and that was purchasing a house! If you've ever purchased a home you know that this is a pretty big feat, so I'm pretty proud! I'm sure I'll continue to spend 2014 working on making it my own!

I'm kind of depressed that I gained 18 pounds during this year instead of losing weight. It doesn't come as a shock, I've been stressed and extremely busy with work, I just wish I weighed less instead of gaining. I'm not sure what 2014 will bring but I only foresee health issues if I don't get serious about losing...

While reading last years post I found it ironic that I was sick as I am sitting here writing this with a sore throat. Glad my body waits until after Christmas to get sick! I should make myself a note in Google calendar to start drinking vitamin C supplements before Christmas!

The other items besides losing weight on my 2013 goals were becoming a CCNP and starting my Bachelor's degree. Neither happened but I did take the first of 3 CCNP tests, and passed. My boss wants me to take a CCNP bootcamp so perhaps that will happen this year? Work has been so crazy this year that there really wasn't time to do studying. The Bachelor's was just totally out of the question, in my honest opinion it's not going to help me any more than a vendor certificate and experience will do. I'm not trying to make excuses but there are some legitimate reasons.

Predictions for 2014:

I will weigh 250 or less by 2015
I will get a significant promotion by 2015
I'll have my CCNP certificate
Someone close to me will pass on

Things I've learned during 2013:

Almost everyone I know is two-faced
Material objects no longer make me happy, at all
Material objects mean the world to a particular person I know
People of "tolerance" are the biggest hypocrites
I have not been home sick at all since moving out, as I predicted before moving.

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