Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Think Just Do

The most encouraging words I heard today and perhaps ones I needed to hear for a while. Words that need to resonate in every part of my life. I do waay too much thinking and not enough doing. I need to make this life easier on me and just start doing without worrying what other people think. It seems like I'm starting to realize that so many people I've tried to please are hypocrites, I try to think of some people in my life that aren't and can count them on my hand. If only I could release the want of pleasing other people and just live for myself, I'd feel free. I'm going to start doing that, in fact I'm writing this now because I realize that it's what I've started to do. I guess when you begin to feel like nothing else is left you start living according to how you feel.

My final attempt is approaching, if I miss it this time I'm done... no more chances left...

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