Saturday, May 25, 2013

If there's one thing I have learned...

It's that my judgement about people have almost always been wrong, almost always...

We shouldn't be bias or judge others but when people express a stereotype how can you not judge it as being from a particular background? After having watch The History Channel's, The Bible I have been more interested in really understanding the Bible. I feel now that I would like someone to discuss things with and have been looking about at local churches... I have been a member of my church for years but I feel that the message is geared for a different era of people. One on one with the pastor feels completely different to me than sitting through a sermon. I get much more out of having a conversation with a pastor than listening to a sermon and I'm wondering, have we became disconnected with the Word of God? Have we fallen into a type of rut that tells us our learning and teaching about God must take place in a certain fashion?

I found another local church, I have not attended but read it's Facebook posts and saw the pictures the pastor has posted and while I am not judging the pastor I don't see a Godly exterior. I see posts about how Christians are so down and trampled over, victims to this world and how we must over come it but are we really this tortured in our life? I think if some people are it's not because they're Christians it's because their decisions haven't been the greatest. I see a church that is very particular to their contemporary decor and a pastor that pays great attention to his self image. There's nothing wrong with looking nice or having a nice place of worship but I feels churches such as these have lost their sight. Should a church just be motivational or should you actually learn about God? Should you encourage your congregation to just wear flip-flops pants and a dirty t-shirt or should you teach them that in God's house you should try to show Him respect?

I think a contemporary church tries to break free of the traditional way of religion, which I agree needs to be done but at the same time they've completely missed the mark but not teaching God's word just as the traditional church. God's house isn't about what you wear or accepting the lack thereof, it should be about teaching your sheep! It's not about making someone feel good for the rest of the week it should be about giving the person knowledge of what God wants out of His people. Singing rap with "godly" lyrics doesn't classify the music as spiritual any more than a lifeless hymn. Traditional and contemporary churchs are both lost in trying to satisfy a specific group of people while still missing the mark. Why can't a church service be like a classroom with an open floor for asking questions and learning? Why must we listen to one person instead of putting our minds together to study and discover God's word? Why can't Christians have a strong knowledge of what they believe and why?

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