Saturday, March 30, 2013


It's 12:09 a.m. Easter Sunday. Remembering how the Lord arouse from the grave coincides with what's been on my mind lately. For far too long I've been held down and burdened, I've let material things in this life consume me. I've let other people live my life, I'm happy to say that I'm changing. I've come to accept that our bodies are only vessels. They are vessels to get through this life which will determine our eternity. Nothing we work so hard for, our money in the bank or our prized possessions that are under lock and key, will come with us when we're dead. The only thing that will come with us from this earth are the choices we've made.

What if the people who can't take the time to give us a look or a simple hello, knew that their time was up. What if the people who have spent their lives building their body, knew tomorrow they would die. What if the families in sorrow and bitterness knew that tomorrow wouldn't come. What if the dreams you have could only be obtained tomorrow? What would they, what would you, do today? At the end you'll see that everything passed so quickly.

It scares me to think of how much time I've wasted on the things that will pass with this world and so little time I've spent on ensuring that my soul is on the path for Heaven.

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