Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I believe that God made us perfect. No matter how we look on the outside or how we may feel on the inside, God is perfection and what he created is perfection. We should strive to be like him. I also believe that although he created us perfectly it does not mean we are perfect. We create many imperfections for ourselves and one way we learn true strength is overcoming them. If you ever look at someone and think, geez why couldn't I just look as perfectly as they do or act perfectly as them. No one in this world is perfect and if you were to speak to the person in mind they'd tell you their insecurities and what they don't like about themselves. No matter where we are in our lives if you don't first accept yourself for who you are, what you look like, then you'll live your life hating yourself.

This is advice I'm giving myself, as they say the best to take is your own. I want to forget these imperfections and live without worrying about them. I don't know why I felt like i had to blog this but it's just on my mind right now. We can try to correct ourselves but it doesn't change who we are or make us any better. Learning to accept our self is the first step to becoming a better, happier, successful, person.

Allowing negative thoughts come in to our mind will undoubtedly take it's toll. I feel like there's just part of the mind that constantly interjects these negative thoughts, completely ignore this part and don't pay any attention when it starts acting up. Some people get medicated for it but I believe we can control it. My good friend once told me if God made this world and everything in it within 7 days we should be able to change these bad habits or ideas in a matter of minutes, we do have the ability and maintaining it is how we'll eventually do completely away with it.

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