Saturday, September 5, 2015

Where was I...

So wow, it's been a super long time since posting a blog! I admit that I don't want to share anything too deep since I'd rather have people I meet in real life discover myself for themselves. Besides that though, here I am writing another blog!

My grandparents health is not well so I've been staying a night on the weekend to help out. Yesterday I was able to borrow some old family videos to capture and eventually write to DVD or Blu-ray. It's interesting how watching older videos can effect your opinion about people still in your life and where your life is heading.

I'm 30 years old now and I can look back on my life and see how quickly things have moved. In these videos my Grandparents are in their early 50s. All of my memories of them don't seem to have aged. I see them today in their 80s, frail and needing a lot of assistance and I wonder when did this happen? When did everything change? It literally seems like it creeped up and surprised me, I didn't see the gradual change and this is something video points out.

I'm afraid that another 30 years will slip by without me noticing. The lives we live now offer more convenience and time savings but we're over looking our lives. We don't get outside and do as much, we stay inside and sit on Facebook, our phones, watch TV, movies... we don't socialize with family, some family I didn't know existed...

I was thinking about technology compared to that of the 80s/90s. VHS tapes didn't offer the best of video quality but it offered a way to archive video. Just recently my friend lost every single photo and video of her 1 year old son due to these images being on her phone and getting deleted with a tap of a button. I'm converting videos from the 80s right now so I ask you, what technology is better? If Facebook was gone where would our relationships with people stand? If our power grid collapsed forget about people not knowing how to stay alive, people wouldn't know how to communicate. Sure people know how to talk but people in the next generation don't know the soft skills, the people skills, the personality to be-friend a person in real life. This simply friendliness is being lost. People only look out for themselves and they get off on destroying others. America's becoming corrupted and we don't even recognize it. We don't live in a modern society, we are just living in a time period, a period of people that are losing touch.

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