Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just some thoughts...

I have to learn to just let people flap their jaw because in the end you can't change a person, only offer your opinion and views and hope it may sink in. I've never been perfect and some times I fear of being judged one day for things I'm not happy about doing. On the flip side though I'm glad we'll all be judged because some people... hmm do they deserve it, idk. If they're truly wrong and become punished for it I'm sorry they never realized the Truth. I guess I shouldn't have the feelings of wanting revenge, that doesn't help them or myself in the end. All you can really do right now is show love, no matter how bad you might be treated, it doesn't matter.

I've had some dreams lately and they got me thinking... not about the dream itself but just of dreams in general. I used to offer up all my dreams to anyone but the more I think of them I'm realizing a dream is the deepest route to our sub-conscience. Anywayz... until next time.

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