Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A short quote from the movie, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" 1945

Irish Grandmother talking to her Daughter and Grandchildren about their learning to read:

"This reading will not stop I say this thing! To this new land your Grandfather and I came very long ago now because we heard about here is something very good. Hard we worked, very hard, but we could not find this thing. For a long time I do not understand and then I know when I am old. I know in that old country a child can rise no higher than his father feet, but here in this place, each one is free to go as far as he's good to make up himself. This way the child can be better than the parent. And this is the true way things grow better and this has to do something that they learning which is here free to all people. I am who old miss these things, my children miss these things but my children's children shall not miss it, this reading shall not stop!"


I just found this person's conversation with her family very interesting. She and her Husband came to america to find something special. To find true freedom with the ability to not live in poverty for all their lives. As she said, she did not find it during her life time but she'll be darned if her Child's Children shall also not find it! People like her have made America what it is now, the land of where you can fulfill your dreams if you work hard enough to reach them. In her home Country, Ireland, she did not have this opportunity. All of us have this opportunity now and yet so, so many of us just take it for granted and do nothing with it! If we (I) all had her same mentality we would be set for life and have no financial worries! I think we have lost touch with this dream our ancestor's from only 4/5 generations had. It scares me to think what another 4/5 generations from now will think...

BTW, the movie was GREAT! It deserves a watch!!! And also a purchase! :o))

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  1. Perhaps my Blog is actually about, "Re-capturing the American Dream"?