Monday, January 31, 2011

God and His wind-up toy...

Did God create us as a simple toy to wind-up really tight, set on the floor and watch waddle across the room to the other side? Did he put us here knowing our inevitable path? Why did God even bother with giving us a life here on Earth? Do I have the answer, no. Although I do have an opinion... Why should you even care!? Because if I'm right, I'll be talking about your life after death. Surely that has to at least sound important to you? ...

I'm a sinner and I wonder why God would have me write and think about the things I do. Why do I even care to believe in God, what has he done for me, what tangible thing has he given me? I have a strong desire of interest because as I said above, this is the after life we're talking about. If you aren't concerned with it, you may be living  in a place after you die that you wish you could get out of... but won't be able to. So I think it's in every humans best interest to at least consider your possibilities, no?

I just finished commenting a post I made a couple of weeks ago.; About how we have many branches in life and how we get to choose which we take. I was thinking does God REALLY know everything and if he did, doesn't He know every branch we choose, every choice we make. Sure we get free choice of how we live our lives and we can alter it at any moment, but God will always be ahead of us in knowing what we're about to do, or think. If we could ask God when we're born, will I live to serve you and go to Heaven or will I perish in Hell? If He could answer this since He's all-knowing then why even bother going through life if it isn't worth it?

...This subject requires faith, are you willing? I may know your path but you don't. You're the one whom needs to find it, for you will gain from choosing it. (This just came to my mind so I wrote it)
Forget the conversation, in your mind visual this...

Your sitting a a desk with a white piece of paper.

You need to draw the most difficult labyrinth (maze) you ever could think about drawing. However, there are some guidelines to follow when making your labyrinth...
          1. Your maze will have 1 straight line down the middle to the finish .
          2. Your maze will have dead ends.
          3. (This is why it's difficult) Your maze will have a hundred trillion alternate routes on both sides of the straight line. The alternate routes at some point, will route back into the main line that leads to the finish.

Now, you've created you're maze.

This is the goal for anyone that has the opportunity at entering your labyrinth...


Take as many of the hundred trillion routes you can take, without giving up at a dead end. The more routes you take the stronger you become. If you just walk down the route leading straight to the finish, you'll finish, but be a very weak person.

Perhaps this is what God intended for us? He gives us this life full of free will choices to see how strong we will become from living in it. Perhaps the whole idea of giving us souls and creating Earth was to create very strong souls for him to be with in Heaven. Perhaps there's a purpose for us in Heaven that He hasn't told us about.
Ok Mark, that's great but I've completed my maze now and I'm looking back on it, seeing the lines I left through it. Didn't the all knowing God already see this as well? I'm sure He did. Well what's the point of Him giving us life if he already knew how we'd end up!? I don't know that answer but I do have a question...

Perhaps this natural idea of why should I even bother walking through this maze (life) if He knows the end, is simply one of those paths that leads to a dead end in your maze, or the simple straight line to finish? Do you choose to give up on the Lord and not strengthen your walk with Him?

Out of experience comes strength, out of experience comes wisdom, out of experience comes opinion, out of experience comes individuality, out of experience comes your personality. Do you wish this was simply given to you? Do you not think that if it was simply given to you, you'd probably be a clone of the next soul? The maze isn't for Him to determine you (He already knows you), the maze (life) is for you to determine you (your soul). What I said randomly because it came to my mind makes more sense now, read it again...

"...This subject requires faith, are you willing? I may know your path but you don't. You're the one whom needs to find it, for you will gain from choosing it."


  1. Good job Mark.Nice to know there are other people who ask the big question, why?

  2. Thanks! Do I know you, or how did you find my blog?

  3. I do know you, my brother form another mother! :o)) Sam!